Metal Detector:  Different Utilities

Though a Handheld metal detector is an indispensible part in industrial settings, archaeological departments, and in security screening, it is also equally extensively used by people who pursue their hobby of locating rare metals in beaches and its sands.  One can find themselves engaged in six different kinds of hobbyist activities by making use of the metal detector.  They are as follows:

1.      Prospecting:  With the help of the metal detector, the hobbyist can locate metals that are valuable which include silver and gold.

2.      Coin shooting:  Once an event takes place, for instance a game of baseball or a volley ball match which involves interaction of many people, these hobbyists look for old coins.  And serious hobbyists of this cadre spend lot of time in performing historical searches to get hold of these collectible and historically important coins.

3.      Treasure hunting:  The hobbyist uses the Handheld metal detector to gather valuable items if any in general.

4.      Relic hunting:  Similar to the coin shooting in many aspects, relic hunting refers to the hobbyist making use of the metal detector to trace different types of artifacts which have historical significance.  These dedicated and determined hunters are after the buttons, bullets, buckles, axe heads and coins they can get hold of with the metal detectors.

5.      Beach combing:  This involves a hunt for jewellery or coins that are lost while on the beach.

6.      Used in metal detecting clubs to acquaint more people with the hobby.

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